Ep. #14: Financial Literacy For Kids With Gaurav Kapoor from Mydoh

Ep. #14: Financial Literacy For Kids With Gaurav Kapoor from Mydoh

#014 – Teaching kids about banking, finances, savings and more isn’t easy. Even the values of an allowance and earning money by doing chores can be challenging. All that is about to get easier with a new app called Mydoh.

In this episode, I interview the founder of the app, Gaurav Kapoor. We discuss how this app works, how this digital wallet is different from a traditional bank account, how it easily teaches kids about spending, saving and earning money and a whole lot more. If you have ever found it challenging to explain to your kids how bank cards, credit cards and interest charges work to your kids, or if you have ever found it challenging to encourage your kids to become actively involved, regularly, with chores…this will be a game-changer. It definitely has been for me.

I also have a very exciting offer to share with you from the Mydoh team:
*Use promo code GUWT10 when you sign up before January 31, 2022, to get $10 deposited in your Mydoh Wallet. This is a one-time use promo code valid between Nov 30/21 and Jan 31/22.  New Mydoh users only. Apply promo code when prompted on initial sign-up.  Offer to be added to your Mydoh Wallet within 1 day of sign-up. Offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time.

Learn more about Mydoh:

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